Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on Manchester

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It’s difficult for those of us who have been involved in thehurly-burly of the election campaign to switch off altogether for a couple of days, but if the horror in Manchester has reminded us of anything, it’s perhaps how much more unites us than divides us (in case you wonder, my satirical post about the election campaign was written beore the atrocity overshadowed it all). We have different opinions, religions, and attitudes, but virtually all of us surely feel that if someone’s interpretation of their beliefs leads them to think it right to kill civilians, even to kill children, then those beliefs have been warped beyond belief.

The election will no doubt resume in a day or two. I’ll just append the full text of Theresa May’s comments after the attack, and Jeremy’s Corbyn’s short comments on video. It will strike you, I think, that their message is very similar, as it should be.

The poison of terror will not pollute our democratic politics – Corbyn’s video message after Manchester vigil

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