I’ve just heard that there is a gathering in Beeston Square on the Trump issue tomorrow which will be followed by a petition being presented at Ms Soubry’s office.I hope to go to it and to see some of you there. Details:

Demand that Theresa May revokes invite to Donald Trump for state visit

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  1. Clare Martin says:

    I am not a member of the Labour Party – but have always voted Labour and put a poster in my window!
    I have been on the Broxtowe Labour website and Facebook – but it has not been updated for some time, so I googled your name instead and found your letter. A lot of people will be wondering how to vote right now – people who are not members, but but nevertheless vote for Labour. There has not even been a ‘watch this space’ posted to suggest that someone is working on it. My position – as with many others is … I can not vote for Labour in this coming election. They are a mess and their policies are not credible. Free school meals for all??
    I would vote for you Nick, if you stood as an independent. I came to the hustings for the last election and was really impressed – and very sad that you did not get in. Whilst I would never vote for Anna Soubry – I quite like the way she talks; as will many people who are middle ground. The Labour Party are not going to swing it – but I reckon you could. Thanks for listening

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