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Hi all –

Due to my job down south as Head of Policy for Compassion in World Farming, I’ve stepped back from regular Broxtowe politics, and it makes sense to simplify my email lists accordingly. I’d like to continue to comment on national and Broxtowe issues now and then, and will do that through my main BroxtoweInfo list, which still reaches about 10% of all constituents. Since I’m not really keeping track of detailed local developments, I’m planning to share that list with Greg Marshall as my successor as Labour PPC and the local party, so they can keep you posted on the Labour view of what’s happening in Broxtowe. Before I do that, I wanted to check whether any of you would like me NOT to share your email address in this way.

I’m planning to wind up this website since I never persuaded most readers to migrate to it and it currently costs money to keep it going for quite a small audience: as above, I’ll transfer the mail addresses to Greg unless you would prefer not. If you’d like to continue to get material from me, please join

which is the group that I’ll continue to keep going for occasional updates.

To summarise for BroxtoweInfo readers (that’s you!):

1. If you’re getting this message and don’t mind my sharing your email address as above, but would like to still hear from me sometimes, please join BroxtoweInfo as above.
2. If you’d rather I didn’t share your address, please let me know.

Thank you very much for 20 years of happy dialogue – really one of the main pleasures of being involved in politics has been talknig with such a friendly, balanced group of people. I wish politics nationally was as civilised!

All good wishes


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