Do you think President Trump should be honoured by a State Visit?

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There’s a petition which you might like to consider here, suggesting that President Trump should not be invited for a State Visit (as Mrs May has provisionally agreed). It’s nuanced in that it accepts that as head of Government it’s reasonable for him to come for discussions, during which one hopes he will hear alternative views, but that in view of his behaviour it’s inappropriate to single him out for the honour of a State Visit with all the pomp and ceremony given to special guests. If you’d like to sign it, it’s here:

The petition has gained 400,000 signatures (0.5% of the entire British population) in less than a day.

The problem with the travel ban in particular is that it’s absurdly discriminatory and arbitrary – for example, it will prevent athlete Sir Mo Farah, a senior Conservative MP and a number of similarly harmless people from crossing the US border, even if they were already in transit. The feeble initial British Government response, that it was a matter for the US, now seems to be being belatedly adjusted, with a request that Brits might be exempted.

It’s still a bit early to be sure how Trump will turn out, but it’s rather possible that he will prove to be a disaster, and whatever our politics it’s sensible for Britain not to rush to embrace him too enthusiastically.

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PS A number of you have asked me to post regular updates on my county election campaign. As that’s mainly of interest to friends and to people in or with relatives in Eastwood and might bore everyone else, I won’t be writing much about it on the general email list, but if you get Twitter and are interested, you can follow me at @NickforEastwood.

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