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Tram Report Special – delays, compensation prospects, next stages, and the future

First some good news. Following my last email and the Telegraph interview with the Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, there was a flurry of letters and the Department has now explained that the impression given was wrong: they accept (and … Continue reading

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Not on the internet? Say goodbye to your rights

I’ve not posted much for a couple of weeks due to day-job pressures, but there will be a few posts over the next week, including one of quite general interest in a few days. Today I’d like to highlight something … Continue reading

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Do we live in a democracy? – next eat’n’debate

Hi all, Next Saturday’s eat’n’debate is back at the Bamboo restuarant, 132 High Road, Beeston NG9 2LN, from 12.30 to 2. This time, the theme is “Do we live in a democracy?” Topics I’d like to discuss: – How do … Continue reading

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Hemlock Happening, Beeston in the Guardian

Just a passing note to remind everyone that the Hemlock Happening is today, culminating in the firework display at 10.30, and that the Guardian is featuring Beeston: – they didn’t mention the tramworks, but it’s a nice friendly write-up! … Continue reading

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Democracy, fairness and the smaller party dilemma

Hi all, Before the Euro-elections, I commented that the limited number of seats available made it very unlikely that the LibDems or Greens would win a seat. In the event, both got only about half the number of votes needed, … Continue reading

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