Thank you from Greg Marshall – and an invitation!

Hi all –

Greg has asked me to pass on this message:


Dear all,

Just a short message to say thank you to everyone who took the trouble to vote in the election, and of course especially to those who gave me their support. During the short campaign, I was able to meet thousands of constituents and I hope they found it as rewarding as I did. I really enjoyed talking to as many of you as I could and I learned a great deal. I look forward to building on that as we work to prepare for the next election, which in view of the emerging chaos in Downing Street seems likely sooner rather than later.

If you would like to help finish the job of winning Broxtowe back for Labour, do join! Just click on or get in touch with the campaign using the details below – we’ll look forward to welcoming you very warmly and working with you for real change.


Facebook –

Website –

Email – 

Twitter – @Greg4Broxtowe

Best wishes

Greg Marshall

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Please read today – A CONTRACT FOR BROXTOWE

Final election message – A CONTRACT FOR BROXTOWE

Dear all,

Tomorrow, of course, is election day. Whatever your views, please vote – people died to get us democracy, you owe it to them, to our society and to yourself.

I hope you will vote for Labour’s Greg Marshall. He combines the warm, positive approach to politics which I’ve always tried to champion, and combines it with a history of service to Broxtowe which to be honest neither I nor any other candidate this year have come close to. He was born and brought up here, he’s a long-standing Broxtowe councillor, he’s never wanted to represent anywhere else. And he combines that with the best of the shining idealism which we’ve seen championed at national level in Jeremy’s campaign this year. A society cannot thrive without politicians who long to make it better, fairer, greener – a society which we can be proud to pass to the next generation.

I try not to be personally critical, but it’s objectively evident that Anna Soubry’s commitment has diminished. She has failed to turn up at any of the five Broxtowe hustings events in this election. After originally making great play of living locally, she has moved to distant Charnwood. After some genuinely courageous stances in the past on issues like gay marriage, she has fallen into routinely voting with her party on even the harshest austerity policies. I don’t think her heart is in backbench political life any more – perhaps because of Brexit. I wish her well personally but she is not the best choice available – and ultimately you are choosing someone to represent you personally.

Would Greg do the job better? I asked him to set out what commitments he’ll make as Broxtowe’s MP. Please read his reply – and take the trouble to support him if you agree that he’s the best choice.

Thank you, whatever you decide, for your interest. I take up a new full-time job next week (hey, I’m only 67, that’s no age nowadays) as Head of Policy for Compassion in World Farming, but I persuaded them to let me wait one month so that I could devote this month to helping Greg.

We have lived too long with a political sphere dominated by fear and negativity. It’s time for hope for our society. Please vote for Greg tomorrow.

All good wishes


PS Please forward this email to friends, or tweet the link to


A contract for Broxtowe

Hello everyone,

I’d like to respond to Nick’s challenge by proposing a specific contract. If I’m elected I will:

  • As soon as MPs’ offices are sorted out after the election, I will ensure that every letter or email on a new subject from a constituent gets a meaningful response within 72 hours
  • If you’ve asked for specific information, I’ll give you an initial reply and then get back to you as soon as I can get it
  • Hold a surgery every month except August in each part of the constituency
  • Hold a public meeting in the constituency every 6 months open to everyone where I’ll respond to any question that anyone wants to put

The need to give fair time to everyone is important, so I can’t promise infinite time for any single person, but I can and do promise that I’ll be responsive to everyone, regardless of their politics. I want explicitly to be your MP, locally born, bred and active, not an MP who happens to be elected here.

And finally, when the next election comes round, I won’t indulge is this “incumbents don’t debate” nonsense. I’ll debate my opponents with pleasure, so that you can hear what we all think and make an informed decision about whom to support. In this election, I hope you’ll give me your support as a fresh voice for Broxtowe, unafraid to debate with anyone.

Best wishes




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Terrorism and the General Election

Terrorism and the General Election

This is a joint statement from Greg as your Labour candidate and Nick as the former MP whom many of you know.

Like the other parties (except UKIP), Labour felt it right to suspend campaigning for most of yesterday as a mark of respect for the victims of the new atrocity. However, we both feel that we now need to resume the democratic process. More than that: it is in our view essential that candidates set out how we will deal with the issue of terrorism, before we move back onto the wider issues of public services and the economy which should decide the election. If we just try to change the subject and avoid controversy it isn’t showing respect to the victims – parties and candidates need to show what we will do differently to avoid this happening again and again in the coming years.

  1. It is essential that counter-terrorism work be adequately funded. Labour believes that the cuts in police numbers need to be reversed – to combat ordinary crime as well as terrorism -and specifically we need to be prepared to provide ample funding for the often highly technical work of intelligence and counter-terrorism.
  2. We need to review in detail with the counter-terrorism specialists what they line with judicial authority. We need to back the specialists and our police forces in the battle against terrorism.
  3. As Nick wrote at the start of the election, we need to try to avoid getting into further unnecessary conflicts, and in particular any decisions should be taken by the British Parliament, and not, as Mrs May and Boris Johnson have suggested, as a natural response to a request from Donald Trump. This is not to excuse terrorism: people who decide to kill random civilians and even children have no excuse at all. But it means not widening the range of enemies by getting unnecessarily involved again in the incredibly complex feuds of the Middle East. Nor is it anti-American – the point is simply that a special relationship does not mean that we automatically go to war whenever asked.
  4. We need to use our trading influence and traditional alliances to press for an end to the funding of terrorist groups by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Britain’s willingness to overlook their involvement has been partly because they were useful allies in our own wars and partly to boost our arms exports. The price in terms of expanding terrorist networks funded by money from autocratic governments is one we shouldn’t support.
  5. We need to work closely with the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims and other minority groups to isolate and expose those who are intent on causing intolerable pain and strife for people of every community in Britain.

One of the fundamental purposes of British government is to protect the British people and everyone else visiting Britain, and if Greg is elected this will be one of his fundamental priorities.

Greg Marshall                                                                                                                                    Nick Palmer


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Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on Manchester

Hello all,

It’s difficult for those of us who have been involved in thehurly-burly of the election campaign to switch off altogether for a couple of days, but if the horror in Manchester has reminded us of anything, it’s perhaps how much more unites us than divides us (in case you wonder, my satirical post about the election campaign was written beore the atrocity overshadowed it all). We have different opinions, religions, and attitudes, but virtually all of us surely feel that if someone’s interpretation of their beliefs leads them to think it right to kill civilians, even to kill children, then those beliefs have been warped beyond belief.

The election will no doubt resume in a day or two. I’ll just append the full text of Theresa May’s comments after the attack, and Jeremy’s Corbyn’s short comments on video. It will strike you, I think, that their message is very similar, as it should be.

The poison of terror will not pollute our democratic politics – Corbyn’s video message after Manchester vigil

Best wishes


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Be a Tory strategist for the day

As a non-candidate I don’t have to be judicious and positive all the time. So just for fun, here is my take on the shambolic Conservative choice of attack lines this week:

1. Argue the case over pensioners. No, it’s not a threat to your home, well, no more of a threat than we already have, oh you didn’t know? Well, it’s like this, pay attention. And anyway we’ve suddenly decided we’ll have a cap, and we’ll publish details after you’ve voted. There will be fine print, like not having a cap if you’re not ill but just frail, but we’ve not written it yet so can’t tell you what the fine print says. And the Winter Fuel Allowance shouldn’t go to millionaires, unless they’re Scottish millionaires, in which case we’ll have an exemption as we’re worried about the SNP. And the change to the double lock will save a lot of money, but actually won’t affect you because inflation is going over 2.5% anyway.

2. Change the subject to the IRA. 40 years ago, Corbyn may or maybe not have been previously on the editorial board of a magazine that you’ve never heard of which had a contributor who liked the IRA, OK so Corbyn wasn’t on the board then but anyway, he met Sinn Fein people even before the Queen did and that shows he was a terrorist sympathiser, and this election isn’t about Brexit and it isn’t about what we’ll do, it’s about stopping Corbyn, that’s why we called it three years early, see?

3. Change the subject to Brexit. That’s what the election is about, dammit. Stop trying to talk about other stuff, like our manifesto. We shall insist on something, though we can’t exactly say what, and we’ll be firm and fierce just like 52% of you, and we may agree to pay megabillions but we reserve the right to put your taxes up to pay for it, and no, we won’t say how much.

Anyway, vote Conservative because we’re strong and stable like you’ve seen this week and we have a positive message and aren’t negative like Labour with their better NHS funding and more low-cost housing and protection for schools and abolition of student fees, who needs that stuff?

What’s our positive message, you say? We’re working on it. We’ll let you know after the election.
Good luck, guys!


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